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The national railway company of Hungary is known as the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV). Hungary has over 7,000 km of railway network. Train tickets for trains operating in Hungary can be booked in advance. International trains connect Hungary with neighbouring countries such as Austria and Slovakia. Book train tickets to visit main cities of Hungary by train. Hungarian cities including Budapest, Pecs and Miskloc are all served by trains.


The Hungary train network is well developed and is the best way to admire the country, all lines go through Budapest so the capital is a good place to start. Here you can enjoy museums, shops, buildings and people watching among the city delights.


Take a boat trip along the romantic Danube River and see the fishermen and birdwatchers enjoying their hobby. Cycling and horse riding is also popular throughout the country but particularly on the flat lands either side of the Tisza River.

Take Home

Miskolc, Győr and Pécs have shopping malls and the MOM Park in Budapest features enough shops to last well beyond a day. The country is known for its sweet tooth and the shops in Hungary’s Nyugati train station should satisfy your craving.

Eat & Drink

Hungarians like to spice up their hearty peasant cuisine with paprika. The country is well known for its inimitable Goulash soup. Or try the Balatoni fogas – pike-perch from Lake Balaton – for a taste sensation. And while you’re in Hungary you must try the sweet Tokaji wines, a delicious traditional infusion, or the Riesling and Zweigelt varieties.

New Perspective

Take a train trip to Szilvásvárad in Northeastern Hungary, where you’ll find the snow-white Lipizzaner horses waiting for you.

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  • Value for money
    Good way to travel around |
    "Pros: Overall It was a good ride. Clean nice seats and toilets. Good breakfast provided for extra charge. Almost always on time. Cons: It train was almost full and so crowded. Not enough space to keep my luggage. I had to keep my luggage in one car and sat in a different car. It'd be great if they can provide free wifi on trains. "

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    Trip with RailEurope |
    "Overall, it was very good. It was easy to make a booking, had a clear descriptions about the tickets. I would love to book another trip. "

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    Switzerland  |
    "It was one of the most memorable trip of my life so far, the scenaries are magnificent. Travelling in Europe is simple when planning ahead. "

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    Train is the way to go! |
    "On our family vacation, we booked open tickets from Vienna to Salzburg. When we were ready to leave Vienna, we had our choice of daily and hourly departures for Salzburg. The train, though crowded, had sitting room for all of us and storage space for our many bags. The journey was quick, clean, and comfortable. The scenery was beautiful as well. I especially liked being able to make the reservations in advance from home - I signed up to receive an email as soon as the dates for the tickets opened up, and booking couldn't have been easier. "

  • Value for money
    Refreshment |
    "It was a 4 hour journey to Zuerich HB, the journey would have been made better if there were refreshment and snacks served as part of the package. During the same period we were also taking trains from Venezia to Firenze( on Italo) and Firenze to Milan ( Ferraccia) On both routes we were served refreshments and snacks. "

  • Value for money
    nice way to travel |
    "they send the tickets home to avoid misunderstandings which was a big relief. the travel was fast and comfortable. nice option to a flight. "

  • Value for money
    Wien to innsbruck |
    "There was wifi. Plenty of legroom too. We had an open ticket. Sufficient seats around. "

  • Value for money
    Austria to Zuerich |
    "Easy to locate the platforms and the seats were comfortable. However, we were long distance travellers from Singapore with a family of five and had a bit of difficulty finding space for our large luggages during our travel from Salzburg to Zuerich. "

  • comfort |
    "it was excellent trip "

  • Value for money
    feedback |
    "Its my first time taking the train from zurich to Milan and for such a long rdie. The train is conmfortable . However, wld like to strongly state that for luggage space , it is a real problem.For traveller like us who travel from one country to the next and we are from Singapore. Also, it is winer time and there is NO SPACE FOR 2 BIG luggage. Fortunately, we hv a space next to my seat which is a 3 seater space instead of 4. If not, we are wondering where can we store our luggage.??? "

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