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The national railway company of Hungary is known as the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV). Hungary has over 7,000 km of railway network. Train tickets for trains operating in Hungary can be booked in advance. International trains connect Hungary with neighbouring countries such as Austria and Slovakia. Book train tickets to visit main cities of Hungary by train. Hungarian cities including Budapest, Pecs and Miskloc are all served by trains.


The Hungary train network is well developed and is the best way to admire the country, all lines go through Budapest so the capital is a good place to start. Here you can enjoy museums, shops, buildings and people watching among the city delights.


Take a boat trip along the romantic Danube River and see the fishermen and birdwatchers enjoying their hobby. Cycling and horse riding is also popular throughout the country but particularly on the flat lands either side of the Tisza River.

Take Home

Miskolc, Győr and Pécs have shopping malls and the MOM Park in Budapest features enough shops to last well beyond a day. The country is known for its sweet tooth and the shops in Hungary’s Nyugati train station should satisfy your craving.

Eat & Drink

Hungarians like to spice up their hearty peasant cuisine with paprika. The country is well known for its inimitable Goulash soup. Or try the Balatoni fogas – pike-perch from Lake Balaton – for a taste sensation. And while you’re in Hungary you must try the sweet Tokaji wines, a delicious traditional infusion, or the Riesling and Zweigelt varieties.

New Perspective

Take a train trip to Szilvásvárad in Northeastern Hungary, where you’ll find the snow-white Lipizzaner horses waiting for you.

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  • Value for money
    Comfortable  |
    "Had a wonderful experience "

  • Vienna_salzburg |
    "No issues. Train very nice. Spacious seating. On time "

  • Value for money
    Convenient. Trouble boarding.  |
    "My cousin and I arrived at the platform about 20 minutes prior to departure. We reserved our seats when we purchased our tickets, which I recommend! Boarding was very difficult. There are no rail attendants or cart attendants so tourists are helping one another figure out what to do. The carts are not noticeably marked but luckily, we boarded the cart our reserved seats were on. Many people have luggage and there isn't much space so people were literally pushed up against one another, in the walkways etc. trying to find their seats and a place for luggage. After about 15 or so minutes of craziness, everyone had a seat and it was calm. "

  • Value for money
    comfortable scenic travel |
    "Would help to have information with the tickets re: availability of restaurant car for each leg (there was none on the 2nd leg) exact location of the initial train station The change of trains at Villach was very short. So, as it was between separate platforms, it was not friendly to the old or less mobile. Also, the information given by loud speaker on the train was no easy to understand, and no immediate information was given on the arrival platform that was easy to access for those not used to the local signs and systems. "

  • Value for money
    Pleasant journey all round |
    "Travelled first class which certainly looked a lot more comfortable than second class. Table service was sometimes difficult to get hold off but the 'happy hour' menu initiative did make it feel much more affordable and privileged based on seats. On the value for money side, we had to choose flexible ticket via Rail Europe as the OBB website with non-flexible offerings wasn't working at payment stage. Could have saved a lot by buying direct if this wasn't the case as we didn't need the flexibility offered. Take things to do on this journey - the 4 hours is longer than you'd like to think with not much scenery to enjoy. No border control anywhere on the trip so you can keep passport safe without fear. "

  • Value for money
    "The Train was very poorly maintained. No cleanliness and Toilet was not working. I Even lost my Wallet on train and no one helped me out. "

  • Value for money
    "the train is on time but the space for luggage is too small. "

  • Value for money
    Trip to Swiss  |
    "Excellent Service ... Punctuality to the core .... Clean and well maintained compartments ... Staff very courteous .... Recommended 100 times if not more .... keep up the good work "

  • Convenience
    vacation |
    "thought first class was bigger (comparing to TGV Lyria). Also too many stops. "

  • Value for money
    Clean and Easy |
    "Clean and Easy. However, Rail jet did not give us 1 4 seats, it would have been better. "

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